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Office/Billing Address
10810 E. Clearwater Way
Clovis, CA 93619
Phone: 559-294-0000
Fax: 559.294.0011

Design Center (by appointment only)
1541 N. Sierra Vista
Fresno, CA 93703


Don Boam, Owner
Email Don
Office: 559-294-0000
Cell: 559-351-9090

Christina Sandefer, Office Manager
Email Christina
Office: 559-294-0000
Fax: 559-294-0011

Greg Smith, Sales
Email Greg
Cell: 559-760-2806
Fax: 559-354-5265

Gary Cropper, Sales
Email Gary
Cell: 559-392-1296
FAX: 559-431-3230 

Tom Hunseder, Sales
Email Tom
Cell: 559-269-4370
Fax: 559-325-6510

Dave Bernas, Sales
Email Dave
Cell: 559-213-7110
Fax: 559-294-0011

Greg Boam, Sales
Email Greg
Cell: 559-481-8111
Fax: 559-294-0011

Bob Cropper, Sales
Email Bob
Cell: 559-294-0000
Fax: 559-431-3200

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Last Updated Tuesday, June 19, 2018 - 07:54 AM.

"The natural wood panels you sold us look amazing. I never knew my house could look this good on our tight budget. The install was seamless and very professional. Thank you so much!!"

– Brenda Tate,
Proud Customer

For a free flooring and carpet estimate, call (559) 294-0000